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June 29, 2012

SEC Members and Interested Potential Members:


I am pleased to share our progress on a number of legislative and budgetary fronts over the past week and the hearings for more bills we have scheduled for next week.  The School Energy Coalition (SEC) has been moving forward successfully on behalf of schools on a number of fronts.


This week SEC testified on the following bills and successfully advocated for their passage out of the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee:

  • SB 843 (Wolk):  Community self-generating renewable pilot projects.   A bill to allow these projects to go forward on a statewide basis. This bill allows schools to participate in renewable cooperatives to purchase clean Renewable Power.  After being in danger of failing to receive enough votes for passage due to concerns raised by utilities and others, SB 843 was passed out of the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee on a vote of 10-2 after accepting a lower cap of 250 MW for these projects statewide.  The bill now moves to the Assembly Appropriations Committee where its costs will be evaluated.
  • SB 594 (Wolk):  Aggregation of meters.  Allows K-12 schools and other multi-meter customers such as farms and wineries to aggregate their usage on more than one meter and apply that to their renewable generation system. Prohibits a customer-generator that chooses to aggregate from receiving net surplus electricity compensation.  Passed out of Committee 13-0.  To Assembly Appropriations.
  • SB 1537 (Kehoe):  One year moratorium on any rate changes to Net Energy Metering customers, including schools.  Prohibits the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) from adopting any new charge, standby charge, customer charge, minimum monthly charge, interconnection charge, or other fixed charge on NEM customers for one year.  Passed out of Committee 10-2.  To Assembly  Appropriations.


Cap and Trade Bills Up Next Week Along With NEM Coalition Opposition to AB 2514 Due to Recent Amendments

  • AB 1186 (Skinner) is moving forward and has been scheduled for hearing on Monday, July 2, in the Senate Environmental Quality Committee.  The Skinner bill provides 10% of the IOU revenue from cap-and-trade for K-12 school energy efficiency grants.  The bill is sponsored by SEC, C.A.S.H. and the Building Trades, but faces opposition from utilities and large energy customers that do not want the funding to be used for any purpose other than to be returned directly back to ratepayers.
  • AB 1572 (Pavley) also provides school funding for energy projects through a mix of loans and existing programs.  SEC supports and has been involved in the discussions regarding this bill.   To be heard in Assembly Natural Resources Committee on Monday, July 2.


State Budget Trailer Bill Language on Cap-and-Trade


Interesting budget trailer bill language, signed by the Governor also provides up to 15% for Clean Energy Programs from Independently Owned Utilities’ cap-and-trade revenues, but does not appear to include commercial entities, including schools, to receive ratepayer reimbursement.  This has yet to be fully analyzed.


Please feel free to contact me regarding the information in this email.  Your support and comments are much appreciated.




Anna Ferrera

Executive Director

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