Energy Commission Business Meeting - Agenda December 19, 2013

1516 Ninth Street

Hearing Room A - First Floor

Sacramento, California 95814

10 a.m.

(Wheelchair Accessible)






1.         CONSENT CALENDAR. (Items on the Consent Calendar will be taken up and voted on as a group. A commissioner may request that an item be moved and discussed later in the meeting.)


a.         EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR APPROVAL OF CERTAIN TRANSACTIONS. Possible approval of resolution authorizing the Executive Director, or his or her designee, to approve ministerial agreements related to the day-to-day administration and operation of the Commission (such as contracts for office supplies or security guards) and to approve minor changes to other Commission-approved agreements when the changes meet specified criteria and do not increase the total cost of the agreement, alter the purpose of the agreement, or affect the Commission's position, rights, or liabilities. Contact: Kristen Driskell.


2.         ENERGY COMMISSION COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS. Possible approval of appointments to the Energy Commission's Standing Committees and Siting Case Committees. Contact: Kevin Barker. (5 minutes)


3.         CRIMSON RENEWABLE ENERGY LP. Possible approval of Agreement ARV 13-004 with Crimson Renewable Energy, LP for a $5 million grant to upgrade equipment at its existing facility to increase biodiesel production from 10 million gallons per year to 17 million gallons per year and reduce the carbon intensity of the biodiesel produced to less than 14 grams of CO2 equivalent per megajoule. (Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program funding) Contact: Phil Cazel. (5 minutes)


4.         CALIFORNIA CLEAN ENERGY JOBS ACT-2013 PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION GUIDELINES. Consideration and possible approval of Proposition 39: California Clean Energy Jobs Act-2013 Program Implementation Guidelines. The Guidelines will govern the Energy Commission's implementation of the California Clean Energy Jobs Act program and provide direction to potential applicants on their participation in the program. Contact: Elizabeth Shirakh. (Staff presentation: 45 minutes)


5.         Minutes: Possible approval of the December 11, 2013, Business Meeting Minutes.


6.         Lead Commissioner or Presiding Member Reports.  A Lead Commissioner on a policy matter may report to the Commission on the matter and discussion may follow.  A Presiding Member on a delegated committee may report to the Commission on the matter and discussion may follow.


7.         Chief Counsel's Report: The Energy Commission may adjourn to closed session with its legal counsel [Government Code Section 11126(e)] to discuss any of the following matters to which the Energy Commission is a party:


a.         In the Matter of U.S. Department of Energy (High Level Waste Repository), (Atomic Safety Licensing Board, CAB-04, 63-001-HLW).

b.         Rick Tyler, et al v. Governor of California, Edmund G. Brown, Jr., et al. (Alameda County Superior Court, RG12619687).

c.         Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association v. California Energy Commission (Sacramento County Superior Court, 34-2012-80001195).

d.         California Independent System Operator Corporation (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Docket No. ER12-2634).

e.         PECG v. Brown, Alameda County Superior Court Case Nos: RG10494800 et al. (Furlough Litigation).

f.          American Public Gas Association v. U.S. Department of Energy, Case No. 11-1485 (9th Cir. Dec. 23, 2011).


The Energy Commission may also discuss any judicial or administrative proceeding that was formally initiated after this agenda was published; or determine whether facts and circumstances exist that warrant the initiation of litigation; or that constitute a significant exposure to litigation against the Commission.


8.         Executive Director's Report.


9.         Public Adviser's Report.


10.        Public Comment: People may speak up to three minutes on any matter concerning the Energy Commission, with the exception of items appearing elsewhere on this agenda or items related to pending adjudicative (certification or enforcement) proceedings.

If you require special accommodations, contact Lourdes Quiroz at 916-654-5146, five days before the meeting.


News media inquiries should be directed to:

Media and Public Communications - 916-654-4989


Questions about participation in the Business Meeting should be directed to:

Public Adviser's Office - 916-654-4489 or 800-822-6228


Participating by Telephone at a Business Meeting


To participate by telephone, please call toll free 1-888-823-5065 on Business Meeting days after 10:01 a.m. (PDT). The pass code for the meeting is "Business Meeting" and the call leader is Jerome Lee. If you plan to speak on a specific item, please give the operator the item number.

To avoid occasional technical problems with the Commission's telephone link, the Commission recommends that a written comment also be submitted either by facsimile or e-mail to the Public Adviser by 5 p.m. two days before the scheduled business meeting. Fax (916) 654-4493 or e-mail


The Business Meeting is broadcast via WebEx, the Energy Commission's on-line meeting service. To listen to the meeting and view any presentations, please click the following link or paste it into your browser:


You may also go to and enter Meeting Number 928 825 028. The meeting password is mtg@10am.


The Energy Commission building has wireless Internet access available in the atrium, coffee shop, and library.


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To reduce paper and mailing costs, the Energy Commission offers an automated e-mail system for the business meeting agendas. To subscribe, please go to our Business Meetings page and use the form on the right side under 'Subscribe'.


Adjournment of Hearings and Meetings: Depending upon time available and the orderly management of proceedings, the Commission may order adjournment (recess or postponement) of any noticed hearing or meeting, to be continued to the next day, another specific date or time, or to the next business meeting, as appropriate. Any such adjournment will be noticed at the time the order of adjournment is made (Government Code 11128.5, 11129).




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