Districts Under 1,000 ADA: August 1 Deadline for Bundling


Under the state budget trailer bill language signed by the Governor, school districts under 1,000 average daily attendance (ADA) have the option of "bundling" two year's worth of funding if they notify CDE by August 1, 2013.

This option was provided in response to concerns expressed by SEC and others that smaller school districts would not be provided enough under Proposition 39 to fund meaningful projects. 


SEC encourages school districts under 1,000 ADA that will be seeking Proposition 39 funding for projects to take advantage of this ability to bundle and get two years worth of funding sooner.  Click here to view the online application on the CDE website.


SEC also strongly cautions all school districts to refrain from making any energy project commitments that will be paid for with Proposition 39 funding until we see finalized guidelines from the CEC.


School districts may have the ability to do audit and pre-planning with part of the funding, BUT we have not seen any rules or guidelines on this yet.  We are working with the state agencies involved to get information to SEC members as soon as possible.










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